A white Albino squirrel was spotted in Biddenham on Saturday. These are incredibly rare and the condition affects around one in a million grey squirrels, with about 50 thought to live in the UK.   Keep a lookout and forward any pictures so the website can be updated.

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  • Dennis

    Its not albino in the common sense but a gene mutation

    All very interesting

  • Peter Leverkus

    I saw a (the?) white squirrel in our garden in 2017 and took a great photo, which I would happily attach if I could see how to! I wrote the piece below for The Loop village magazine at that time. As Dennis says, it may not be a true albino.

    “A new and rare member of Biddenham’s wildlife

    You may already have seen this little chap in your garden, but I’ve never seen an albino squirrel before.

    Apparently, albino squirrels (with red eyes) are rare. I read that the odds of a squirrel being born albino are 100,000 to one! There are also non-albino white squirrels (with black eyes), which are ten times rarer, at 1 million to 1. The estimated population of squirrels in Great Britain is around 2.5 million grey and only 140,000 red, making a total of 2.64 million. At 100,000:1, that means there are only around 26 albino squirrels in the whole country! Isn’t Biddenham lucky?”

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