Cowslip Meadow

Cowslip Meadow

cowslipCowslip meadow is a former arable field to the west of Biddenham which was planted as a wildflower meadow in the 1990’s by new owners Bedford Borough Council when given to them by the Biddenham Estate as part of the wider creation of The Ouse Valley Country Park.

It is located between the St James Churchyard and the A428 bypass.

The meadow has wild flowers, a wet area, some shrubs and small trees. The area is about 10 Ha in size. Please find below a map showing the area which has full public access

The meadow is mowed each autumn and the cuttings removed to keep fertility at a low level and benefit wildflowers. The overall management is controlled by the Council but in cooperation with their director of the environment it is a site where conservation management activities take place organised by Biddenham Conservation Volunteers. Please let them know if you are interested in becoming involved in its management.

The area covered by the Cowslip can be seen below:-