Consultation – 20mph speed limits

Consultation – 20mph speed limits

*Consultation now closed*
Parish consultation – 20mph speed limits
Speeding in the village is already a concern for the Parish Council and we are already requesting the Borough Council to consider average speed cameras for Biddenham Turn and Bromham Road.

However, during the public forum at our meeting on 16 November 2021 concerns were raised about the speed of vehicles travelling in Darlow Drive, Bromham Road (from the Bromham bridge to the A4280) and some roads in Deep Spinney. The benefits of 20mph are well documented and the key points argued in favour of slower traffic speeds are set out below:
• to reduce risk of deaths and injuries
• to reduce accidents
• to make our children, and others, healthier
• to make our neighbourhoods more pleasant.

The Parish Council recognised that it needed to understand whether the concerns raised were limited to specific roads in the village or whether it was seen as a wider problem for residents. We have therefore decided to seek the views of residents on this subject before taking any further action.

As the newest part of Biddenham Parish – St Mary’s – is still not fully adopted we have decided not to include this area as part of the consultation. Once all the development work has been completed then we can consider a similar approach for that area.

Consequently, we are asking residents to complete this short questionnaire to help inform our decision making on whether we approach the Borough Council to request 20mph speed limits either on an area wide basis or just in nominated streets.

*Please respond by 31 December 2021*