The planning application for 18/000140/ MAO, which relates to the proposed 250 houses to be built West of Gold Lane, has been extended from 16th February 2018 to the 9th March 2018

The simplest way is to object via the internet at or a letter drop  via the door step receivers at the following link Door Step Challenge 10

The deadline for Policy 19 and 23 has been extended to the 29th March 2018 by 5pm, but don’t delay as time is marching on.

A third and final letter will be sent out to all residents in Biddenham shortly, please act on it if you haven’t objected so far. A copy will be published on this website shortly.

The Parish Council are grateful for the objections received so far which are now very close to 500 with pending letters still to be processed by the Borough Council.


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