To date over 242 objection letters have been received by the Bedford Borough Council. In some cases the Council have consolidated household signatures as one entry on the portal. Do not worry about this as the Borough Council have assured us that household signatures will be counted separately when they make their final count.

Please continue to engage with neighbours, friends and families using the door step challenge.  65 separate letters have been received from the door step challenge plus 13 letters from the 1st Friday Lunch club. This is in addition to the 242 signatures above, the Borough council will update these in the portal shortly.

Please reach out to people living outside Biddenham by encouraging them to use the link:,this is the simplest way to get signatures. There has been some concern that registration has not occurred via this method as delays have occurred. Again rest assured the objections will get counted as the Borough Council is performing governance checks on these.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who have engaged with their communities.

We still need many more. All objections count so make yours count!

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