The Developers  will be holding an exhibition for the new housing development on the Farmland West of Gold Lane on Tuesday 21st November at the Church Barn from 1.30-7pm.

The developers have set up a website Gold Lane Biddenham, which at this stage is just advertising the event, with an opportunity to provide feedback. After the exhibition day all material that has been on display will be available on the website. All subsequent updates about the development will be published on their website.

Although this is short notice this a perfect opportunity for all residents of Biddenham village to have their say on this development whether by attending the event directly or providing feedback via their website

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  • Pam Ackroyd

    This was far too short notice for it to be in any way meaningful. Most people will not have known about it and indicates a lack of concern and cynicism about people’s views.

  • Robert Cristofoli

    The Parish Council have failed to keep the village informed of the proposed major housing development and commercial centre of 300 houses at Gold Lane. It has not been discussed by the Parish Council or published in the council minutes in recent months. How the Biddenham Society can say this is the least worst option of the development proposals for the village is wrong because of the size of the development. Previous proposals for building on this land have been rejected because of Coalescence between Biddenham and Bromham.

  • jenny Barnes

    yes far too short notice. This together with the intended development of the land that Biddenham House stands on will mean the end of a ‘Village’

  • ian cruickshank

    Six days notice for the meeting is wholly inadequate and shows a complete disregard for the interests and views of residents. I for one will be unable to attend. Whatever the Parish Council may have done behind the scenes, it has failed in its attempt (if any) to alert villagers to the sheer scale and impact of these proposals on village life in Biddenham. It will affect the whole village, not just the western end, but residents outside of the Gold Lane area seem to be blissfully unaware of what is about to hit them.

  • Glenn Taylor

    On a positive note why do the villagers not consider and organise a mass demonstration at this event. Peaceful of course but labelled `enough is enough`.
    This could be recorded, videoed photographed and be the first indication of an en mass movement against this proposed development.
    The letter received through my door turned by stomach as a Biddenham resident of 42 years. Surely a movement of the people needs to be organised.
    This is my business so some might call me a hypocrite but I genuinely believe this now going to far and is totally profit (promoter driven) orientated and on absolute no best interest to the village.

  • Andrea Clarkson

    There should be several week’s notice for a meeting of this importance & I am unable to attend. The proposed development is wholly inappropriate for a village the size of Biddenham.

  • Glenn Taylor

    I see a few comments about short notice, of course it is, that is there whole intention it is a tactic.
    And the village must take the nettle….

  • Sue Coleman

    I totally agree with the above comments. This is far too short notice for most people. There has been a total lack of notification of any kind other than on the Biddenham village website. I am only aware of this meeting because a neighbour alerted me.

  • Sophie

    Apart from the lack of consultation and information to date, the time of the meeting is not suitable for people who work, particularly London commuters.
    Biddenham continues to lose its identity as a village, and residents should be given a fair opportunity to voice their concerns.

  • Robert Cristofoli

    It is the people living in Biddenham who should decide on the future plans for the development of the village not Bedford Borough and Property Developers. They .seem to decide on our behalf without even consulting us. We all know that housing development is not for the benefit of Biddenham people but is for the benefit of the property developer. The Parish Council and the residents beware.

  • Sophie

    I emailed Jack Austin about the notice period & times of the meeting and I’ve pasted part of his response below. I’ve also spoken with neighbours who seem to be unaware of the scale of this housing development. Jack Austin writes that Biddenham is a “small village”. It wont be small, or a village, if they build 300 houses on it!

    His reply;

    “this notice period is standard for public exhibitions. In our experience, we have found the exhibition often gets forgotten if we advertise too early.

    As for your second question, the meeting ends at 7pm as that was the only availability with the venue. We actually looked to extend the meeting until 8pm but were unable to. The venue was booked over a month ago and this date at these times was all that was possible. As you will know, Biddenham is only a small village and any other venues were not within the community.”

  • M Gibson

    And as for Biddenham house? There is speculation that it will be sold and an application made to demolish it and build three new homes. Biddenham is losing its identity. The current provision of services in Bedford is poor and with more housing comes more demand on the basics of education, healthcare and policing not to mention traffic gridlock. And, what local jobs will be provided? Overall a lack of joined up thinking for the future.

  • Liz Borland

    I have just returned from the ‘consultation’ and am absolutely dismayed at what is being proposed. I agree with the earlier comment about a mass protest from all residents. We will have to stand together to fight this and not approach it peacemeal as the impact will be lost. What is the Parish Council intending to do about this in terms of galvanising al the residents ? I was very disappointed at the lack of attendance from Mr Gambold and Mr Rigby, do they not care about what is being proposed? I do not feel the residents of Biddenhan are being kept well informed about this proposal but I will now make it my job to make sure that I absolutely know what is being proposed for this village. If this development goes ahead we will lose our uniqueness our heritage and our identity you may as well re-label us as Bedford or great Denham. Liz Borland

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