Biddenham Parish Council have joined the Open Spaces Society for a fee of £45 per annum. Information about the society can be found by clicking about open spaces. A number of existing organisations such as The Village Pond and The Biddenham Society need the expertise and support of the society to protect the environment and landscape of the village.

Their assistance is especially invaluable where there is no formal legislation or protection in place. This is especially relevant to Biddenham village where there are ever decreasing open spaces.

Recently a lot of help was needed to formulate an action plan to prevent  development around the village pond. Although comments were sent to the  Bedford Borough Council, this was done without the help of The Open Spaces Society. The case to prevent the development around the pond would have been far stronger had  the Open society inputted into the process.

With increasing challenges facing our village, membership has been centralised at Parish Council level for the benefit of all clubs, societies and indeed individuals within village.  Should you wish to use this service which is now free, please contact Alison Southern at clerk@biddenham.org.uk

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