An outline planning application 18/03100/MAO has been made for up to 160 dwellings including vehicular access from Gold Lane. Click here to see a detailed view of the plan. There are a number of ways to object to this planning application.

  • The simplist way to do this, is to  click here:
  • Go to the Borough Council portal directly to register a letter and object , but this is more involved.
  • If you have already objected, please encourage all other adults in your household and neighbourhood. Use the Door step challenge 10  for people uncomfortable with the internet or need a nudge.

A letter will be going out to all residents in Biddenham  from the Parish Council with a detailed explanation about why this plan should be rejected and what people should do.


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  • Pat Sheldon

    I trust that Bedford Council are counting the responses to the above application correctly. I note that although my husband and I responded separately and deliberately days apart using different laptops that our responses have now been amalgamated and counted as one on the Borough website. Futhermore, over the first two pages of comments the 20 comments as counted are in fact 30. If this is the case over the remaining pages, then there are many more than the 171 comments that the Council have accounted for on their webpage.

    • Council Administrator

      The Borough Council have agreed to separate these. They will be doing this over the next couple of weeks. Please check to see if the details are separated.

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