Changing face of Bedford – Riverside Development

The Riverside Bedford development will be officially opening on Saturday 2nd September 2017. Set on the banks of the River Great Ouse and opposite St Mary’s Gardens, the development features restaurants, a cinema and a hotel.

There are a number of activities organised for Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd  September 2017.

The new restaurants, wagamamaZizziMEXIcoMiller & Carter and Gourmet Burger Kitchen will be offering free tasters of their most popular dishes. There will also be voucher giveaways and chances to win free meals, Vue cinema tickets and an overnight stay at the Premier Inn.

The development is also home to Bedford’s newest public square and visitors will be able to enjoy free entertainment from noon to 5 PM during the weekend. A fantastic team of puppeteers, musicians, mime artists, jugglers, dancers, stilt walkers, hula hoopers and more will perform throughout the development and interact with visitors making it a fun event for young and old alike. Further details can be accessed by clicking this link

Travellers at the new bypass

There are Travellers to the south of the Biddenham by the Sainsburys bypass. They have got off the central (blind) roundabout and into the former golf course, where the defences have not defeated them. The issue has been reported and is being dealt with.

Bus Service route change due to Temp Closure Main Road in Biddenham – from 21 Aug 2017

The above road closure affects the number 41 service which operates in your area. Due to the nature of the works it is not possible to allow the vehicles to pass through the closure therefore there is no alternative but to route the service along Bromham Road for the duration of the works.

We have requested that stagecoach publicise this temporary change to service locally and I will update the real time displays screen at the bus station and the BBC webpage.

If you require any further information please let me know.

Kind regards

Saragh Fleckney

Client Transport Officer
Bedford Borough Council
Room 445, Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

01234 228122 (ext. 42122)


Discover Jordans Mill

Jordans Mill is tucked away on the banks of the River Ivel near Biggleswade, but only minutes from the A1.mill-tour-1

Our tours are meant for all ages and take you on a journey through time, where you will learn more about the milling process, find out lots of historical facts and most importantly have some fun.

Stuck for something to do then why no visit our shop, stroll through the gardens get the children involved in our Beast in the Woods trail or grab something to eat in our Riverside Café.

Whatever you want we are sure to have something to keep you entertained! If you would like more details click Advert or to book please call 01767 603940.

Kind Regards

Tony Darnell
Marketing and PR Manager
Jordans Mill


Biddenham History Society – Visit to King’s Close

The afternoon of Friday, 7th July 2017 was an excellent afternoon for many of us. We started with a delicious First Friday lunch in the Village Hall at 12.30pm. Thank you to Liz Watson and Judith O’Quinn and all your helpers. Some of the helpers managed to clear up in record time, so that we could all assemble at King’s Close at 2.30pm and meet Helen and Jeremy Humphreys. They welcomed us to their beautiful Arts and Crafts house, designed by Mackay Hugh Baillie-Scott in 1907. They have been working hard to restore many of the Arts and Crafts features since buying the property about 3 years ago.

kings-close-garden-pictureOne of the key principles in Baillie-Scott’s design was that the garden should be linked to the house – serving as an extra room – so vistas from the house to the garden were very important. Helen and Jeremy have restored the brick path that leads from the front gate to the gravel area in front of the front door. The brick path continues at the back of the house and leads the eye to the orchard at the bottom of the garden.

At the front, borders, edged with box in the shape of the Union Jack, have been restored, and the yew by the front gate has been cut back so the gate can be opened. There is a lovely walk along the brick path, past the box hedges with seasonal planting, to the front door. A beautiful climbing rose sets off the front of the house and the Tudor style beams and front door.

Before going to the back garden, Helen and Jeremy very kindly let us look at their living room which still has the original twentieth century paneling. Helen showed us the settle by the window that was designed by Baillie-Scott and the wooden doors with the original door furniture that can be used to divide the room from the rest of the house.

Seeing the room also gave a vista of the back garden. Jeremy and Helen have worked very hard in this area, reinstating the brick path down the middle and removing ivy and conifers. The pink roses climbing over the original metal arches looked stunning as the main feature leading the eye down the garden. Helen and Jeremy have been busy planting the borders that edge the path with lavender and lilies, which were coming into flower and attracting the bees.

The final room at the bottom of the garden was the orchard and meadow area. The trees were already laden with fruit. On a hot summer day, it was a lovely place to rest and admire the views to the house. We were indeed in another beautiful room.

Thank you once again Helen and Jeremy for your kindness in allowing us to come and see your lovely garden. We now have a better appreciation of what the Arts and Crafts architects were seeking to achieve and wish Helen and Jeremy every success in what they describe as their ‘work in progress’.

The next meeting of the Society is on Monday 20th November, 2017 at 8pm in the Church Barn when Steven Cockings, the Chairman of the Bedford Roman Villa Project will talk about the Roman Villa complex at Manton Lane, which may well have been linked to evidence of Roman settlement in Biddenham. I hope you will be able to come.

Kathy Fricker

Last training day for Biddenham Youth Cricket 2017

The last training day for Biddenham Youth Cricket took place on the evening of Monday 17th July 2017 with various age category’s represented. There were many of this year’s junior membership of 90 along with their families present.  This number was up from 55 last year. The cricket field was full of various training activities taking place with busy coaches directing  Its not often you see such a busy playing field in Deep Spinney!

The weather was fantastic, hot and sunny, perfect cricket weather. It has been the same throughout most of the 2017 season.

At the finish all children were given a traditional pizza to celebrate the end  of season. Chris Spurgeon gave a presentation about the success of Biddenham youth cricket. He stated that this year’s success can be measured by the number of children participating and given the opportunity to play fixtures. All volunteers and supporting staff were thanked as cricket would not be possible without them. The Village of Biddenham can be justifiably proud of their cricket teams and club.

A number of fixtures still remain to be completed with the next one in Pavenham on 23 July 2017.

Some pictures of the celebration can be seen below:-

img_1599 img_1596 img_1591






Biddenham Cricket Club

Open Spaces Society


Biddenham Parish Council have joined the Open Spaces Society for a fee of £45 per annum. Information about the society can be found by clicking about open spaces. A number of existing organisations such as The Village Pond and The Biddenham Society need the expertise and support of the society to protect the environment and landscape of the village.

Their assistance is especially invaluable where there is no formal legislation or protection in place. This is especially relevant to Biddenham village where there are ever decreasing open spaces.

Recently a lot of help was needed to formulate an action plan to prevent  development around the village pond. Although comments were sent to the  Bedford Borough Council, this was done without the help of The Open Spaces Society. The case to prevent the development around the pond would have been far stronger had  the Open society inputted into the process.

With increasing challenges facing our village, membership has been centralised at Parish Council level for the benefit of all clubs, societies and indeed individuals within village.  Should you wish to use this service which is now free, please contact Alison Southern at