Some villagers need help and support; others are willing to give it. Whether for practical things or emotional support, we need to come together. St. James Church and the Parish Councils of Biddenham and Great Denham are working out how.

People need to help each other street by street. We need lead volunteers for each street who can organise things at that level, with help from other neighbours. A central team will coordinate who these people are, and give them consistent advice, guidance and tools to help them.

If you need help and don’t know anyone in your street who can assist you, call 01234 815393 (daytime only) or email
Ways to get information and coordinate help
Check the Biddenham website
for key info
Share ideas on FacebookBiddenham ResidentsSt Mary’s, Biddenham – ResidentsGreat Denham Community
Make things happen using
There will be a group
for every streetSee page 2 of “The Loop” for April
To volunteer: needed for your street, to coordinate help for your neighbours. Call 01234 815393 or email now to register

Some volunteers will be happy to provide friendly chat over the phone to anyone who needs a bit of company. If you would like to be rung for a chat, do please call 01234 815393 or email

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