Litter is being regularly dropped by people outside Biddenham who have take-away meals and then throw the packaging on the verges. Several kind residents pick this up and deposit in the nearest litter bin. However, since Covid-19 there is a reluctance to do this. To facilitate safer picking, the Borough Council run a volunteering scheme called ‘Community Champions’. This is a litter-picking scheme that can be carried out individually or in a group setting. They will provide all necessary equipment to safely litter pick, which includes a picker, bags, bag hoop, gloves, and a hi-vis vest, as well as safety guidance on litter picking in your local area. They will then contact you once a month to find out how you are getting along.

To join this scheme, you can sign up as a community champion here:

If you have any questions, just let Kate know below:-

Katie Lewis
Events & Community Engagement Officer
Environment Services
Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford. MK42 9AP
Phone: 01234 228759
Twitter: @bedfordtweets

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