The Parish Councils of Biddenham and Great Denham met with Bidwells, the agents of the landowners of the course, on Friday 9th October regarding their plans to ensure the security of the land and buildings after the club has closed.

Jack Hawkesworth of Bidwells confirmed the following:

  • The clubhouse will continue to be covered by CCTV and monitored by a security firm. The Clubhouse will be empty.
  • The compound will also have the same security arrangements in place.
  • The Car Park will be blocked off in some way. Since the meeting fencing has been put in by contractors working for Bidwells.

Both Parish Councils stressed the importance of security of the land once the golf club is no longer there, and that it is critically important that any incidents are dealt with quickly and firmly, and that preventative measures should be considered.

Bidwells asked that any incident is reported firstly via the Parish Councils to them, and they will take prompt action to deal with these. They employ a number of security contractors who have a range of experience in dealing with issues regarding land invasion etc.

Reporting an incident:

Contact Biddenham Parish Council:

Contact Great Denham Parish Council:

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