The Parish Council, Biddenham Society and a representative from the Village Pond met with the developers for the farmland West of Gold Lane on Tuesday 31st October 2017.

The prime issue under discussion was the number of houses to be built. Previously the Bedford Borough Council suggested a figure of 150 houses allowing space around the heritage sites e.g. The Church, Coffin Path and village pond. The developers presented a suggested figure of 300 houses.  Further details about the discussion can be viewed in the Biddenham Blog

The developers will shortly hold some displays on the development in one of the villages halls. This will be an opportunity for the public to input into the process. Dates will be posted on this website when available.

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  • Robert Cristofoli

    Previous housing and commercial centre development proposals on this land has been rejected because of Coalescence between Biddenham and Bromham. The Parish Council needs to discuss this major development in council and include it in the council’s minutes. The Parish Council have failed to keep the village informed to-date.

  • Glenn Taylor

    The more noise that is made against the Duck End proposal the better the chance of it failing.

  • Peter Leverkus

    Unsurprisingly, I imagine that everyone in the village objects to this proposal. Even 160 houses is too many as they will destroy the rural nature of that part of the village – 300 is unbelievable. Having said that, the Borough Council and hence Parish Council are under great pressure to find more places to build homes.
    Rather than merely responding to such proposals in a way that can be seen as pure “nimbyism”, we residents and the PC need to adopt a more proactive approach, which reviews possibilities and proposes solutions to the BC. I’m sure a positive approach will win more acceptance from the BC than a simple “No” response.

  • Steve Elliott

    Today I learn an application has been submitted to demolish Biddenham House and build 8 new houses on the land. The grounds for the application are that the owner feels the house is too big to manage. With 300 houses going into Duck End and Biddenham House being demolished I am considering turning The Old Vicarage into a drive through MacDonalds or possibly demolishing it completely and selling to Tescos to build a supermarket.

    • Peter Leverkus

      Is it April 1st? I fear not. This is absolutely appalling news. When will the future of our beautiful village become a priority – before property owners making yet more money? Already so many “older” houses (e.g. early 20th century) have been demolished to be replaced by gauche mansions. But Biddenham House is possibly the most important and one of the most attractive houses in Biddenham. It may be hard to heat and difficult to manage, but that doesn’t mean it should automatically be demolished.
      I trust that the Biddenham Society and the Parish Council will fight this planning application with all the resources at their disposal.

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