At the Parish Council meeting held on the 7th February 2018 it was discussed about what we should do to encourage people who are uncomfortable about objecting on the internet or sending a simple letter to the Council. There are around 2000 resident adults who are eligible to object in the village. This high number is not reflected in the objections received so far.  There is some concern that we are not tapping into the non-internet community. 

The proposal is the Door Step Challenge 10. For this we urge people to print copies of the letters below and approach 2 neighbours to the right, left and in front of them. If 30 willing people can do this then that would equate to 300 signatures. In the past a number of people have have stated they wish to do more. The challenge is on as there is an opportunity to make a real practical difference. The task should take no more than an hour. If you succeed in the task please comment below:-

The deadlines are fast approaching for Planning application 18/000140/MAO, Friday 16th February 2018. For Policy 19 & 23  there is a deadline of 5th March 2018. ACT NOW DON’T LEAVE IT TOO LATE.

If  you manage to get a bundle of completed letters together, can you please forward to the following receiving houses, the letters will be batched and sent to the Borough Council directly:-

Joe Warren, 10 Darlow Drive (Hard copy template letters available at this address)
Jon Gambold 22 Days Lane
Peter Applewhite 1 Nevern Gardens, Deep Spinney
Peter Leverkus 61A Church End

Template Letter Gold Lane Development 18/000140/ MAO
Template Letter – Policy 19
Template Letter – Policy 23

Hints and tips
Be nice to your neighbours
Explain fully what the letters and objection is about
Check that both the name and address is completed properly and that it is legible
Make sure they complete the letters at the door and hand them back to you.
Friends and relatives outside the village can complete the letters
Ensure that a Mr & Mrs application is completed separately
Adults 18 and over living in the same household can sign the letters

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