The Parish Council has for some time been considering possible features on the Roundabout  to commemorate the lost Dovecote.   An informal survey was carried out at the Biddenham Show, the Chairman of the Parish Council, Peter Chase, made a presentation to the Biddenham Society at their annual meeting, and there has been a number of references to the idea in “The Loop”.   As a result of one of those references there has been a request for further consultation and publicity.

The idea which has received most support is that there should be two pillars, each about 3.5 metres above ground, featuring a representation of the Dovecote and the name of the village.   An impression of what the pillars might look like can be viewed on the link  Biddenham Roundabout Feature

The Parish Council is anxious that everyone should have an opportunity to comment on this project.   More comprehensive details will follow shortly on this website.

Please provide comments on the feature by 13th March 2017, using the comments link below or writing directly to

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  • Peter Leverkus

    I like the idea of a tall, striking feature. However:
    – It is not obvious that the column represents a dovecote
    – It is difficult for drivers to read a word written vertically.

    Can we not have a dovecote at ground level at each of the 4 entry points
    to the roundabout, with the word Biddenham underneath, provided that drivers’ line
    of sight is not obstructed and greenery will not obscure them?

  • Simon Edgar

    Nice idea, but design isn’t my cup of tea – looks more like a stumpy crayon. I do concede however that it looks modern’ish and on a roundabout, you don’t want something that will obstruct visibility. Perhaps with planting around it, it might look better…

    I think as it stands it will attract more negative than positive feedback. Would people understand what it truly represents? Perhaps we should focus on the positives that we do have eg Church, Pond, Three Tuns etc and have information boards at those locations that mention the Dovecote…

    How about a competition? There is plenty of creative talent in Biddenham, it would raise the Parish Council’s profile (most people I speak to don’t realise we have one) encourage local interest and promote a positive ‘vibe’ around the whole experience. Entries could be posted on the Parish Council Website for us all to vote on.

    All it would take is an A5 leaflet for each household and before you know it everyone would be on-board. They would need to be sure to get everything across in that leaflet, from prizes, cut off dates, restrictions, considerations, where results will be displayed, a need to vote etc.

  • Gloria Clarke

    I was the person who first brought up the idea of having something on this roundabout,
    way back at the beginning of last year, but I’m afraid it is far removed from any ideas
    I had. When I first discussed it with the PCC I said that it would be nice to have
    something attractive, and most importantly maintenance free, bearing in mind that all
    the other roundabouts on the bypass look scruffy most of the time, with long grass full
    of weeds. I suggested that it might look something like the Deep Spinney roundabout,
    which consists of mainly large stones, and gravel, small low features, and low
    evergreen shrubs/plants, with maybe simply the name Biddenham on it.

    Motorists driving past this roundabout, won’t have time to look at it too closely,
    and I’m sure as previously mentioned won’t appreciate the significance of these
    stone structures, which as Simon says looks more like a crayon, nor have time to
    read the name on them. After all the dovecote only has any relevance to Biddenham
    residents and will mean nothing to drivers passing by. Also considering how much it
    is estimated these would cost, what happens if a vehicle crashes into one of them?
    It could cause a lot of damage and be extremely costly to replace.

    As Simon suggests maybe a competition thrown open to everyone would be the best way
    forward. I still personally think though, that a roundabout in a style similar to
    Great Denham, (although we might have to incorporate the trees now planted on it),
    would be the best option.

    Gloria Clarke

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