Please click here for crime stats in October 2017. It is in an Excel format and filtered for Biddenham and Great Denham. With the recent burglaries in Darlow Drive some basic validation checks have been performed on the data set. There are some inconsistencies and interesting observations with the data.

  • There were at least 6 instances of criminal activities that occurred in Darlow Drive on the 28th October 2017 yet only 2 recorded in the police data set. The Police have been asked for an explanation on this.
  • There was a burglary recorded on the 25th October 2017 in Darlow Drive but unfortunately this event was not communicated until after the multiple break-ins on the 28th October 2017.
  • The attached data set refers to October 2017. The Parish Council last received data in July 2017. Two months of data is missing from the police. In fact the whole process throughout the last 12 months has been hit and miss.
  • The Police state that the data set is sanitised. Again the Police will be asked what this means exactly.

The whole process of communicating and understanding crime figures can easily be improved by getting better understanding of the data and more consistent flow of data.  The Parish Council will try to do this.

Please report any crime to the Police directly and get a crime number. Also please feedback via so that we can report to the village on the website. This will ensure that correct data is available for statistical analysis and that necessary alerts can be made if there are spikes in activity. 

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