cowslipThe Cowslip is a meadow in Biddenham, it has been left to nature. The  developers and planners see no future in it in terms of housing. It is located between the church yard and the A428 bypass.

The meadow has wild flowers, a wet area, some shrubs and small trees. The area is between 5-6 acres in size. Please find below a map showing the area:-

At the moment the cowslip is owned by Bedford Borough Council with limited resources available for management.

There are a group of interested residents led by Chris Jones who manage it for the benefit and the enjoyment of of the whole village and make it more accessible.

The area covered by the Cowslip can be seen below:-


Help needed with the Cowslip management

Help is always welcomed. The group have a simple management plant to look after the meadow on a lightweight basis. They try to remove  ragwort which renders the grass unsuitable to be removed as hay. The paths are regularly mowed in season.

In the spring of 2017 they have cleared a site and planted a double hedge alongside footpath 11 as it heads north from the church. The area near the hedge will be kept clear and further small shrubs or wildflower seed planted.

During the spring  a wildflower walk is planned in the meadow to look at the biodiversity the  site. The Bedford Borough Council are supporting us and offering advice as well as making sure that work is carried safely.

If you would like to support us or volunteer for tasks please get in touch. For further information please  contact