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A question has been raised about the fact that we are having our verges cut at this difficult time. The Parish Council has taken advice from the Borough Council and we are told that as long as our contractor observes the 2 metre rule, taking any sensible measures to maintain social distancing then he is able to continue cutting our grass and keeping our verges in trim.

Local Biddenham support is available on:  01234 815393 

Or email

Bedford Borough Council Response to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Bedford Borough Council services are working closely with Public Health England and the NHS to tackle the threat of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the borough. Robust plans are in place across the council and we are closely following Government guidance to ensure we safeguard local communities and provide accurate and up to date information. Please click link below for further details:-

Peter’s Picturehouse in March

Our February audience enjoyed the showing of The Zookeeper’s Wife, a thought provoking film of the book of the same name set in Warsaw Zoo. The war drama kept us very much engaged and the new screen and improved sound quality definitely added to the experience.

In March our film is a very recent one, Downton Abbey. Many of us know the TV series with its many stars including Imelda Staunton, High Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Tuppence Middleton, Maggie Smith and Matthew Goode. In the film the Crawleys and their staff are preparing for the visit of the King and Queen of England.

Reviews say the production quality is excellent, that you will laugh many times and that there is something special about seeing this on the big screen. So do come and join us and see for yourself on Tuesday 3 rd March. As usual doors open at 7pm ready for the showing to start at 7:30 and tickets are £5, available on the door.

Films coming up:
Tuesday 7th April Rebecca – our film from the past for this year
Tuesday 5th May Red Joan
Tuesday 2nd June Stan and Ollie

Peter’s Picturehouse 2020

Peter’s Picturehouse has now been running for a year and we are delighted with the support we are getting in Biddenham. In December, a festive crowd came to enjoy The Holiday and in January, a packed village hall had a very memorable evening as we showed Kursk – the last mission.

The film told the story of the race to rescue survivors in a stricken Russian submarine. The Kursk was the pride of the Russian fleet but in August 2000 lay at the bottom of the Barents Sea following a catastrophic explosion. Commodore David Russell was the Royal Naval officer in charge of the UK operation to offer all possible assistance, including a sophisticated rescue submersible.

After retiring from the Royal Navy, David became the CEO of the Harpur Trust and now lives in Biddenham. David gave a brief introductory talk and then took questions after the screening of the film. It was fascinating to hear about the political intrigue behind the scenes. The Russians were very reluctant to allow access to the Kursk which was packed with top secret technology. You will need to watch the film to see how it pans out.

I suspect what most people will remember will be the lovely nuggets of information about the film and life aboard submarines. David had high praise for Colin Firth who was cast to play him in the film. Although David’s final command was HMS Vanguard, a Trident nuclear submarine, his first was a much more humble vessel, though as captain he had the luxury of one small basin of water per day to wash his face, shave and clean his teeth. “The trick was to do them in the right order”.

On to what we have coming up in Peter’s Picturehouse for 2020. In February we are showing the war drama film Zookeeper’s Wife, which came out in 2017. Based on a true story, the film shows some of the turmoil experienced by the husband and wife keepers of Warsaw Zoo when Germany invaded and occupied Poland. They then became active in the Polish underground resistance and many Jews survived the war with their help.

As usual, doors open at 7:00pm and the film will start at 7:30pm. Come along to the Village Hall on Tuesday 4th February to see more about the real life story of a working wife and mother who became a hero. The film certification is 12A. We look forward to welcoming you!

On Tuesday 3rd March our film is Downton Abbey, certification PG, which came out in 2019.

The Biddenham Remembrance service 2019

The Biddenham Remembrance service took place at the war memorial. The service was led by Paul Fricker. Joseph Mummery played the Last Post and Jon Gambold lowered the flag.  Bob Hutchinson and Craig McEwan laid the wreaths.

After a week’s worth of rain the weather was nice and crisp with sunny spells. A new order of service was produced. Some stunning artwork was produced by Val Fitzhugh and put on show, this is featured on the home page. Some photos of the service can be viewed below:

Resident’s cat run over this morning

A letter from a resident:-

At 7.20 this morning I left for work (I live at Deep Spinney) and found a cat lying in the road (run over and killed) at beginning of Deep Spinney, just past Gold Lane close to the bus stop. The cat was a Tortoiseshell and white female with a pink collar. I stopped and picked her up and left her at the side of the road in a duvet cover that was in the boot of my car. I know it’s a long shot but if you happen to know anyone that lives in Gold lane or Lavenham Drive area maybe you can ask if they know who the cat belongs to. Her head I’m afraid was badly damaged. She may have had her address details on her collar but I was too upset to look. My husband left at 6.30 for work and did not see the cat then so I think she had died between 6.30 and 7.20am, she was still warm and I gave her a cuddle and said a prayer. I lost my cat 3 years ago along Bromham road and know how upsetting it can be for the owners. Anyway, thank you for your help

White squirrel in Biddenham

A white Albino squirrel was spotted in Biddenham on Saturday. These are incredibly rare and the condition affects around one in a million grey squirrels, with about 50 thought to live in the UK.   Keep a lookout and forward any pictures so the website can be updated.

Temporary Closure Bromham Road Biddenham BBC 2227 EC DM

Message from the Bedford Borough Council – Road Closures Department:-

Emergency Temporary Road Closure – I’ve received a request for an emergency closure at the above location.

Reason for Closure Burst Water Main under the bridge

This temporary road closure is anticipated to be in operation initially until the 13th September or until the works are completed

1. Head west on Bridge End towards Millfield 0.1 km

2. Slight right to stay on Bridge End 55 m

3. Turn left to stay on Bridge End 31 m

4. Continue straight onto Box End Rd 0.2 km

5. Turn right 0.2 km

6. Turn left onto A428 0.5 km

7. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Bromham Rd/A4280 0.5 km

8. Turn left onto Bromham Rd The reverse route applies

For further information please contact : Anglian Water Help Desk 08457 145145 

Deborah Mosetti

Deborah Mosetti