Bin Collection Changes start week beginning 31st October 2016

From Monday 31st October 2016 your black lidded rubbish bin will be collected every other week. 

 This means all bins will be collected on an alternate weekly basis: one week we’ll collect your black lidded rubbish bin, and the following week the orange lidded recycling and green lidded garden waste bins will be collected. Your bin collection day may change.

Click here to check your new bin collection day and for lots of tips on how you can recycle more and reduce waste. 

New Biddenham Website

The Biddenham Parish Council Website will undergo a relaunch in the autumn of 2016. The new website will be modernised and have improved functionality. It will be simple to navigate and contain up to date information.

The Parish Council hope to make the new website more dynamic,interactive and relevant to the village life of Biddenham. Initially the launch will show Parish Council activities but over time we hope the site evolves and becomes much bigger and the first point of call for all Biddenham residents.

In order to achieve this goal we are actively looking for contributors and helpers. In particular we our looking for contributions in the following areas:-

Biddenham History
Schools – Biddenham Upper, St Gregory’s and St James
Clubs & Societies
Security and safety
The Church
News that directly affects the village
Photograph Archive

We do not wish to replace existing community websites as these are important to their own audiences. In fact we want to see all community website links within the new website so that it becomes the single place to find or be directed to information about Biddenham.

We are looking to publish articles that may be of interest for the whole village. For example major events, achievements or news that may impact the wider community outside the societies.

Please feel free to write feedback and comments on the new website at . Updates will be issued periodically regarding the launch date and progress.