Door Step Challenge 10 – Gold Lane Development – Part 2

Lioncourt have in the last few days made a second application  (18/03100/MAO) to build 160 homes on the land West of Gold Lane. In order to galvanise all communication streams to object to this proposal, it has been decided to re-instigate the door step challenge 10. The challenge is targeted at people who do not use the internet or need some encouragement to make an objection.

With the Door Step Challenge 10, the idea is to urge people to print copies  of the Template letter below and approach 2 neighbours to the right, left and in front of them. If 30 willing people can do this then that would equate to 300 signatures. In the past a number of people have have stated they wish to do more. The challenge is on as there is an opportunity to make a real practical difference. The task should take no more than an hour. If you succeed in the task please comment below:-

With the deadline fast approaching – Wednesday 9th January 2019, it is imperative that action is taken immediately. Lioncourt believe people wont bother registering an objection over the Christmas period. In fact this is an advantage to us, as we can in addition to asking neighbours, ask friends and relations visiting over the festive period, to sign copies of the letter.  

If  you manage to get a bundle of completed letters together, can you please forward to :-
Joe Warren, 10 Darlow Drive (Hard copy template letters available at this address)
Template Letter Gold Lane Development 18 03100 MAO

The letters will be batched and sent to the Borough Council directly

Hints and tips
Be nice to your neighbours
Explain fully what the letters and objection is about
Check that both the name and address is completed properly and that it is legible
Make sure they complete the letters at the door and hand them back to you.
Friends and relatives outside the village can complete the letters
Ensure that a Mr & Mrs application is completed separately
Adults 18 and over living in the same household can sign the letters

Outline planning application for up to 160 dwellings including vehicular access

An outline planning application 18/03100/MAO has been made for up to 160 dwellings including vehicular access from  Gold Lane, emergency only access from the A4280, pedestrian and cycle links, public open space, car parking, drainage, landscaping and other associated works. All matters are reserved except for access. All residents who have previously submitted an objection to this development should have received a paper copy through the post from the Borough Council. To access the Borough Council Portal directly, in order to make an objection, please click here

The Parish Council are fully aware of this application. More information will follow shortly regarding actions to be taken.

Latest news – Application for up to 250 dwellings West of Gold Lane, Biddenham – 18/00140/MAO Major Outline Application

At the Bedford Borough Council  meeting held on 29 October 2018 the Planning Committee resolved to Refuse Permission in respect of the above proposal. The Committee took into consideration your representations when reaching its decision. For a full explanation of the reasoning behind the decision and how your comments were taken into account (assuming these concerned planning merits) you are advised to read the Officers report in full which includes any resulting conditions that may have been imposed. Click here for further details

Bromham Road Resurfacing Works

Bromham Road is set to be resurfaced over the course of 6 weeks, starting on 1st October and finishing by 9th November.

The resurfacing works will cover Bromham Road from Dame Alice Street to just past Dynevor Road. There will also be some drainage repair and kerbing replacement carried out during the course of these works, as well as preparatory works for future traffic signal upgrades at the Union Street and Greyfriars junctions.

As many local residents and businesses know, Bromham Road is a major traffic route for Bedford. As such, the Council has planned these vital resurfacing and repair works to minimise disruption to road users, and people in the area.

The works will be carried out overnight from 8pm-6am, with the road re-opened during the day to minimise traffic disruptions. The works will also be carried out in three phases which will limit the amount of Bromham Road that will be closed at any one time and allow for suitable traffic diversions.

Phase One runs from Shakespeare Road to Conduit Road, Phase Two from Conduit Road to just past Greyfriars and Phase Three from that junction to Dame Alice Street.

Cllr Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Transport said “We apologise for any inconvenience this road closure will cause; these are crucial works for this major road in and out of Bedford.  Local residents and businesses will receive letters alerting them to the works, and on-site notice boards and signage placed on major junctions in the town will give advance notice of this closure.”


Bedford Borough Council – Draft Local Plan 2030

On Thursday Bedford Borough Council published their updated Draft Local Plan, which takes planning policy to2030. It is not surprisingly a lengthy tome, and short on  humour  Draft Local Plan 2030

Despite the objections of many people earlier this year the two policies that may impact Biddenham are still there; Policy 19 on page 53, and Policy 23 on page 57. This is not great news, but don’t be downhearted. Any objections that have been made will go forward to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration alongside the Borough Draft. The upside is the Borough have changed their views on flood risks: They are now being a lot more cautious, and in the fullness of time this might scupper would be developers’ plans to concrete over too much of Biddenham!

Jon Gambold