Application to demolish Biddenham House and build 8 new dwellings on the site – Update

There has been a planning application to demolish Biddenham House and build 8 new dwellings on the site. The Biddenham society have published details about the application in the Biddenham blog.

So far only 19 comments have been submitted by the public via the Borough Council Portal. This is odd given the fact there has been a lot of activity and opinions regarding the development on this website and at the recent Parish Council meeting on the 3rd January 2018.

In order to have your voice heard on this application, the most effective way of doing this is to register your comment on the Bedford Borough Council website direct.  please click here. 

The Bedford Borough Council will take into consideration the volume of comments when making their final decision.

Note the following when making the submission.

  • A Mr and Mrs application counts as one submission. You need to make two separate submissions to count as two.
  • Two separate Mr and Mrs applications may have the same wording.
  • Anyone  who is 18 and over can make a separate submission in the same household.
  • You don’t have to live in Biddenham in order to make a submission.
  • The deadline for a Neighbour Consultation submission is 11th January 2018. No submissions will be accepted beyond this date.

If you experience any problems with registering with the Borough Council Portal, please let us know in the comments section below:-

BBC-1760-OT-JH – Temp Prohibition Bromham Rd in Biddenham – 3 Jan 18

Dear all.

Proposed Temporary Left Turn Prohibition – Bromham Road, Biddenham.

I have received a request for a temporary left turn prohibition at the above location to facilitate the repair of a collapsed culvert. Having assessed the application I am satisfied the request is justified, so the details are listed below:-

Details: Road: Bromham  Road, Biddenham.

Prohibition: Prohibits vehicles turning left from Bromham Road, Biddenham, into Biddenham Turn, Biddenham.

Applicant/Contact: For further information please contact Gary Parsons of Barhale PLC (on behalf of Anglian Water Services), Tel: 07947 961642.

Reason: To facilitate the repair of a collapsed culvert.

Dates: This temporary left turn prohibition is anticipated to be in operation 24 hours a day from Wednesday 3rd January 2018 to Sunday 14th January 2018 inclusive – Specific dates will be advertised locally closer to the time.

Signed Alternative Route: Proceed in a westerly direction along Bromham Road to the roundabout adjoining Deep Spinney. Take the 1st exit and continue along Deep Spinney to Gold Lane. Turn right and continue along Gold Lane,
then Main Road, and then Biddenham Turn to site. See plan below:-
Note: Please also refer to the attached plan supplied by the prohibition applicant which shows the location of the left turn prohibition and the alternative route.

Kind Regards,
Jason Holdsworth.
Highways Technician (Temporary Traffic Management).
Highways & Direct Works,
Bedford Borough Council,
Borough Hall,
Cauldwell Street,
Bedford, MK42 9AP.
Bedford Borough Council – Working with our partners to make the borough a
better place to live, work and visit. For up-to-date information on the
Council follow us on Twitter: @bedfordtweets

Update – Public Consultation Meeting – Farmland West of Gold Lane, Biddenham

With reference to the Development Consultation  on the 21st November 2017, the Parish Council would like to make the following statement in response to many comments received:

The Parish Council have not failed to keep the village informed.  This whole matter only came to our attention following initial contact from Lioncourt on 12th October 2017 and was discussed at our next meeting on November 8th.  Between these dates a closed meeting with Lioncourt occurred, which was the first time we had any inkling that they were proposing such a large development.  We agree with you their plans and formative application should be rejected, amongst many reasons, for contravening the Borough’s stated AD42 policy which protects the land separating Bromham and Biddenham.

Our chairman’s write up for the Biddenham Loop of our last council meeting will contain a significant section on this matter.  His articles are also available on this website under Parish Council / Council Documents / Chairman’s Report.

Note also at this stage no formal planning application has been submitted by Lioncourt to the Bedford Borough Council. 

Biddenham Parish Council


Last Green bin collections of 2017

The last Green bin collections of  2017  will take place on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 in Biddenham. Please ensure you fill the bin as much as possible as no further green waste will be collected until March 2018.

Green collections will resume from March 2018. Exact dates will be published nearer the time.

For reference you can check your bin collection day and type in the Bedford Council web page online bin collection day finder

Biddenham website 1 Year on

The Biddenham village website has had a very successful year since its re-launch back in November 2016. The monthly hits have steadily increased from 728 in November 2016 to 3408 in October 2017 this year. There have been a  total of 18,201 visits. Well above expectations

There has been excellent engagement from societies, clubs as well as residents. The History Society now has a dedicated space which has increased their presence in the village and the web.

Further metrics on usage can be viewed in this link: