Biddenham Parish Council is looking for a new Clerk

Biddenham Parish Council is looking for a new Clerk to start ASAP. 12 hours per week with expenses and pension. It’s not a voluntary role, actually a proper employment with salary paid via Bedford Borough Council and a national set of standards. 10 council meetings each year. No experience necessary; training offered and paid for. A chance to help the community and develop a public service career. Local person preferred, as knowledge of the village and an interest in its upkeep and welfare are key.

Please respond by 19 July 2020

Apply to Peter Chase at

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Thank you for your patience.

Biddenham Parish Council

Update on the proposal to build 160 houses west of Gold Lane

If you responded to the latest planning application for building on the land west of Gold Lane, you ill have had a letter from the Borough telling you that the application is due to be heard at the Planning Committee meeting on Monday 29th April and that the Planning Officers are recommending approval. What that letter does not tell you is that there has been an extension to the consultation period because the applicants have now provided a traffic assessment. The consultation period now ends on Tuesday 30th April. Even if you have already commented on the overall application you may wish to respond specifically to the traffic analysis. Experts who have looked at the traffic report tell us that it is technically inadequate for the purpose and open to challenge on many levels, both in the construction of the survey and the conclusions reached. They will be making detailed comments about this and it would be unrealistic for a layman to attempt to make those arguments.

However, one of the key factors is that the analysis looks at the impact of the proposed development on the traffic flows on the Deep Spinney roundabout but does not address the fundamental problem that access to the new estate would not be directly off the roundabout but from Gold Lane. As everyone in the village knows, Gold Lane is already a busy road and can be dangerous. An additional junction and increase in traffic to accommodate the residents of 160 houses can only make it worse, but there is no assessment of this danger in the report.

So, if you would like to make a further objection to the application, please say that you have already made an objection to the overall application but now wish to address the traffic assessment specifically. You might then state that you believe the traffic survey is unreliable and that it is not fit for purpose in that it ignores the impact on Gold Lane, already a busy, hazardous road (you could add your own experience here).

If you would like to make a further comment about the application reference 18/03100/MAO you must do so by Tuesday 30th April.

You can object by email to and cc You must include your name and full postal address in your email. Do not be tempted to write from ‘the household’; write separately, and ideally a day apart, to maximise the chance of having your views noticed.

Biddenham Parish Council

Update – Outline planning application for up to 160 dwellings including vehicular access

The deadline is fast approaching – 30th January 2019 for this application. There have been over 900 objections so far but we need many more to give weight to our feelings about this development. Many of you have already objected to this development. The Parish council thanks you for this. Please however make a final effort to ask friends, family and neighbours to make that final objection count.

There has been some concern that the Borough have not received or processed some objections. The Parish Council have been assured that all objections will be processed. The Borough are running a backlog. The Borough have stated they will acknowledge every objection individually.

The simplest and easiest way to object is to register at

If you or your friends don’t want to use the internet or feel able to engage with neighbours and friends, please print out a letter from the link below:- 


Door Step Challenge 10 – Gold Lane Development – Part 2