These works have gone on a lot longer than envisaged (3 weeks!). The works are effecting, Darlow Drive, Elgar Close, Ison Close and Biddenham Turn. There have also been road blockages in Darlow Drive and 3 way traffic light systems setup. The bus stops on the Biddenham School side of Darlow Drive have also been suspended causing further issues for users of the bus service.

Cadent Gas have informed me that all works will be complete by 7th July 2017. There are no immediate plans for the works to continue elsewhere in Biddenham. It is useful to note the level of disruption caused for future reference.

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  • Dennis

    For future reference these works will involve your supply pipe from the road main being replaced. We live in Ison close and almost 90 percent of the properties have had some intervention where cadent attempted to route through the existing metal pipe the yellow plastic supply pipe from the road.

    If they can’t push the new pipe through then they dig into your drive to remove the obstruction in the metal pipe.

    We were prewarned about this but it is still something you need to take into account if you are considering upgrading your drive in the near future.

    If cadent have any long term plans to carry out more works in Biddenham they should be approached. I think we were given 3 months notice.

    Come to the area affected and you can see the affect of the works on the pavement and driveways

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