On Tuesday 13th February 2018, The Biddenham Women’s Group were asked to object to the new planning application West of Gold Lane. The event took place at the the Church Barn where Francia Slade and Val Fitzbugh facilitated the signing and collection of the objection letters. 

Again as with other workshops the response was enthusiastic and multiple letters were busily filled in. A number of people present had already objected via the internet channels to the development which was great. There were however a good many that hadn’t. 

The final counts were:-

The planning application 18/00140/MAO (16 signatures)
Policy 19, (16 signatures) 
Policy 23, (16 signatures)

There is still some distance to go in order to get more signatures in place. The Parish Council would urge all people who are concerned about the preservation of the village to take immediate action and make their objections count.

If you do not wish to use the internet to object to the application, copy Template  letters are available below:-
(Download and manually fill in your address and name details and send to the Borough Council, note there are two copy letters per single page. Please only fill in one name per objection)

Template Letter Gold Lane Development 18/000140/ MAO
Template Letter – Policy 19
Template Letter – Policy 23

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