A visit was made to the above clubs for more signatures, most people at these clubs had already objected via one of the available objection channels. This is great but also means that the clubs have been saturated and there are no more people available to object within them.

The Cafe Club produced 6 and the Gardeners Club produced 5 of each objection category.  Despite this low number a large number of templates letters were taken away for friends and family to fill in which made the exercise worth it.

There continues to be a misunderstanding about who can sign the letters :-

*A Mr and Mrs application needs to be signed separately to count as two separate objections.
*Anyone over 18 years living in the same household can sign the letters.
*Each person should fill in 3 forms – 18/000140/MAO, Policy 19 and Policy 23, not just one form.
*Anyone living outside of Biddenham including people living in foreign countries can sign the letters.

There is also a lack of understanding about the impact of the planning application despite the considerable amount of material available on the internet and the letter drops. Some people especially people living outside Biddenham are apprehensive about signing something they don’t understand. But once understood they are happy to sign. The human interaction element is very important for the undecided element of the population.

There are 1700  adults in Biddenham that are eligible to make an objection and this number has not been totally reflected in the 500 objections received so far, The 500 includes a lot of people living outside Biddenham!

Going forward  if 1000 objections are to be achieved the best way to do this is via the following simple internet links:-

18/000140/ MAO
Policy 19 (click here for direct internet objection link)
Policy 23 (click here for direct objection internet link)

This should be done in conjunction with the Door Step Challenge 10. Proactive people need to go out to neighbours houses especially the ones unknown to them.   Also another useful avenue is to get all friends visiting households to sign the objection letters. Bundles of template letters are available from 10 Darlow Drive if you don’t have access to printers. 


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  • Pat Sheldon

    There may be many people in Biddenham who do not know this site exists. The numbers of responses have not moved since Friday. To get anything like 1000 objections maybe NOW in this last few remaining days, a door to door push is required.

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