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  • S Edgar

    Went to the blog but i notice there is a small typo that stops the link working.

    So if you copy all of the following and paste it into your browser address bar, it will take you to the application direct:-

    I find it frightening to think that a person would stoop so low as to even consider any planning permission on the site, let alone one that obliterates the villages heritage, heart and soul! Human greed rearing its head again.

    • Council Administrator

      Hi Simon,

      Yes I can see that it doesn’t work. I will put it on the Biddenham web directly and advise Biddenham Blog about it.

  • D. Nancekievill

    It is possible to apply for listed building status online at the Historic England website. The guidance says that most buildings dating from 1700 to 1840 should be listed so it seems there is a good chance an application would be successful. I don’t have the necessary knowledge to fill in the form myself but is there someone in the village who does?

    • Council Administrator


      I think Tony Wood of the Biddenham Society has already made a submission to have the building listed. You will need to contact him direct to have it confirmed @

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