There has been a planning application to demolish Biddenham House and build 8 new dwellings on the site. The Biddenham society have published details about the application in the Biddenham blog.

So far only 19 comments have been submitted by the public via the Borough Council Portal. This is odd given the fact there has been a lot of activity and opinions regarding the development on this website and at the recent Parish Council meeting on the 3rd January 2018.

In order to have your voice heard on this application, the most effective way of doing this is to register your comment on the Bedford Borough Council website direct.  please click here. 

The Bedford Borough Council will take into consideration the volume of comments when making their final decision.

Note the following when making the submission.

  • A Mr and Mrs application counts as one submission. You need to make two separate submissions to count as two.
  • Two separate Mr and Mrs applications may have the same wording.
  • Anyone  who is 18 and over can make a separate submission in the same household.
  • You don’t have to live in Biddenham in order to make a submission.
  • The deadline for a Neighbour Consultation submission is 11th January 2018. No submissions will be accepted beyond this date.

If you experience any problems with registering with the Borough Council Portal, please let us know in the comments section below:-

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  • Heather Marks

    This proposed development is not in-keeping with the character of the surrounding village. The access roads do not have the capacity to take the volume of traffic which will be created.

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