Bedfordshire Police is issuing advice to residents in Great Denham, Queen’s Park and surrounding areas, after a number of recent burglaries.

Detective Chief Inspector Duncan Young said: “Burglars aren’t afraid of taking advantage of homes that are left insecure. Therefore it’s vital that the public ensure their homes are as secure as possible. I would urge residents to ensure that windows are closed and locked when they are not at home, and if you are going out please make sure you use timers on your lights so that your house doesn’t look empty.

“Burglary continues to be a priority for the force, and we remain dedicated to taking action against those responsible for these offences.”

Top tips to minimise your chances of becoming a victim of crime:
•Lock your doors and windows every time you leave the house
•Before you go out, is there anything outside your house that could be used to break in? Lock tools and ladders away in a shed
•Ensure your side gate is locked and that any fences surrounding your garden are in good condition
•Ensure your car keys are hidden out of sight and away from your letterbox
•If you’re heading away for the weekend, ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home and report any suspicious activity via 101
•Activate tracking devices on any new phones
•Mark any new equipment with UV property marking pens – property marking can’t prevent things being stolen, but can act as a deterrent and if found, can be returned to its rightful owner more quickly

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