Alert 2 – Stolen Bike  – Further information

Further to the information about the stolen bike. Both neighbours either side of the house where the crime was committed had their garage doors broken into. Although the locks were broken the burglar (s) did not manage to gain entry. It has also been reported more precisely that the break in took place at 3:10 am on the 28th October 2017.

The burglar (s) also proceeded to walk in an easterly direction past Elgar Close then onto Biddenham Turn as equipment from the bike was disposed of in this direction.

On Elgar Close a red mountain bike has been recovered in good condition apart from a buckled rear wheel. It may have been disposed of by the burglars whilst taking it from another house. If you have a missing red mountain bike please make contact using this email

Again if anyone has any information or has cameras that were in operation around the time of the crime, please make contact via the above email so that the Police can progress their Enquiries.

Please ensure that you take extra security measures over the coming days

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